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Thanks to Dion, cody and vaughan…. polite, careful and very professional! Brilliant driving!

Szelin - December 2018 Feb, 2019
Auckland Wide Removals Moving Company Customer Testimonials.

Moving house
We offer a service covering the Far North of the North Island down to Taupo.  Wherever you’re moving in New Zealand, you can be assured your household furniture removal is in experienced competent and caring hands. Book our Long Distance Moving service.

Moving your valuable furniture and personal effects is not complicated, but there are basic things that need to be done well and without compromise.

Auckland Wide Removals will:

  • Be on time.  Nothing can be more unsettling than your removal company arriving late
  • Communicate courteously with you.  We know the stress involved in moving house and will work with you to get the job done smoothly
  • If requested, we pack your items in appropriate, clean and professional packagingMoving household items with care
  • Use our own careful and experienced people, dressed in corporate attire.  Calling in casual, inexperienced people from a labour exchange can be a recipe for disaster
  • Respect the value of your household items
  • Work efficiently but carefully.  Being rough with your furniture to save time is something we avoid


Is that old family cabinet especially important to you? If so please tell us about it!

We treat all your possessions with care and respect, but we want to know what is especially important to you, so we can make sure special care is taken.

Careful movers of household items Moving household furniture carefully Wrapping Furniture for Moving

Packed Furnishings

Is the condition of your favourite armchair important to you?

Some people choose to pack their own items.  Typically, soft furnishing items are protected temporarily in blankets by the removal company.

Auckland Wide Removals can go one step  better.  If required, we pack all chairs, settees, cabinets, tables etc.  In bubble-wrap or couch covers for additional protection from dust and dirt.

In its new home, your favourite armchair is ready for you, nice and clean.

Storage Facilities

Auckland Wide Removals has storage space available in our private alarmed and monitored warehouse.  There is no public access to the warehouse so if you do not need to regularly access your possessions whilst in storage this is an extremely cost effective way to store your goods.  Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available.  Five days notice is generally required to access your goods, if you wish to arrange an inspection or the delivery of your possessions just phone.  When you’re ready, we will deliver your possessions to your new home.

If you are requiring storage and need frequent access to your possessions stored, Auckland Wide Removals works closely with a number of  storage agents throughout the country.  We will pack your items carefully so they’re able to be stored safely, cleanly and space efficiently.  When you’re ready, we will deliver your possessions to your new home.

Estimates and Quotes

Packing, moving, storage.  They all need some thinking about; planning and budgeting too. We’re pleased to give you an estimate over the phone or come directly to you to assess actual volumes.  We can also help by estimating the time required to complete your move, and give you some guidance around packing.  If your household is going into storage, professional packing can help by saving space and avoiding damage.