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Are you moving houses, and the thought of moving your furniture down from the 3rd floor is already giving you a backache? Are you looking to put furniture into storage? Did you recently purchase some great new furniture, and would like help transporting and installing it into your home hassle-free? Are you looking to relocate your office?

Auckland Wide Removals is the moving company to help you make your move run smoothly. We’re here to help you if you want a comprehensive moving solution, ensuring all packing and unpacking is done carefully, with movers putting everything in the right rooms for the ultimate stress-free move. We’re also here for you if you’d like to do most of the job yourself to save some extra money. You can hire the help of a couple of expert movers with a truck to drive your furniture from one place to the next when moving houses, and you can do the packing yourself! From small moves to big ones, we help families and businesses in the North Half of the North Island move their things safely and quickly.

What makes for a great moving company?

You can tell a great moving company as early as the first phone call. A great company should have a genuine passion for the job they help their customers with and be excited about the prospect of working for you.

We meet each job and each customer with a smile, because we are excited about being able to help families, individuals and offices across Auckland make a stressful situation stress-free. With us, you can be sure to save yourself backbreaking work, without busting your budget.

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From comprehensive movers and packers services, to removalists freeing up space in your Auckland home, to placing things into storage, to relocating your office, we are your comprehensive company. Don’t take a risk on your beloved furniture with any unlicensed moving or removal companies in Auckland, instead go with your trusted local owner-operated business.

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