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Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking is undoubtedly the most challenging part of moving so here at Auckland Wide Removals we say let the professionals do it for you!

We offer both a full packing and unpacking service to take as much of the stress out of your move as possible including wrapping, boxing, and even preloading your items - you name it and we will do our best to make it happen!

Pack and Move Service

Our packing service is our most popular additional service as it takes a huge chunk of the stress and pressure of moving off our clients shoulders.​ From professionally wrapping your glassware in bubble wrap, to packing cutlery with packing paper, to securely boxing up your personal belongings, there are very few things our team can't do!

Most pack days take place either in the morning on the day of your move if your packing requirements are reasonable or can take place the day before your move and can include a preload of the truck thus making your moving day experience quick and efficient.

Our packing service is usually booked using a collaborative process between you and our team starting with an Onsite quote. An onsite quote with our Operations Manager is the best way to ensure that we have a deeper understanding of how you'd like your items packed and what materials it would take to pack them. Plus with the benefit of our Operations Manager's expert industry knowledge you can ensure that your pack and move is completed exactly as you require with input from a professional.

We calculate the cost of our packing service based on the hourly rate for the labour of our team packing your items and the cost of the materials used to do so and we can provide a full comprehensive, no obligations quote within 48 hours of your onsite visit.

We find that our clients who are downsizing or perhaps booking a move on behalf of their elderly family members believe that this service is a great addition to their move as it takes all the pressure off packing up and setting up their families at the other end, be it in their new home or a retirement village. From unpacking cutlery drawers to reassembling and placing beds, our team can work with you to formulate the best plan.

Feeling like our pack and move service is the service for you? Follow the button below and click yes to an onsite quote and choose packing as your preferred service!

Unpacking Service


Some people prefer to get their items packed by our team but prefer to do the unpacking themselves. However, you might like to let the professionals to do it all for you!

In addition to our pack and move service you can also book our unpacking service which involves our team fully unpacking your items at the other end. This service is in addition to our typical relocation services where we unload the truck and simply leave your boxes and furniture in your preferred locations within your drop off location as our unpacking service extends to us unboxing your items and putting them away in your new home.


This service can be booked in addition to our packing and move service and its cost is based on the hourly rate for the labour of our team unpacking your items.


If this is a service that interests then follow the link below and fill out a quick quote request, let us know that this is your preferred service and we will book an onsite quote with our Operations Manager and do the rest for you!

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