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Thanks to Dion, cody and vaughan…. polite, careful and very professional! Brilliant driving!

Szelin - December 2018 Feb, 2019
Auckland Wide Removals Moving Company Customer Testimonials.

Stress-Free House Moving in Auckland with Punctual and Efficient House Movers

Moving House Auckland

We understand moving to a new house can be quite daunting. There’s a lot of things to get done, and many chances for things to go wrong, or be delayed.

Dealing with moving related challenges, shifting across the metropolitan area and trying to get your move settled in time can be too much.

Keep in mind not to just hire any moving company! Hire a moving company that knows your needs and understands the busy roads, motorway networks and traffic patterns in Auckland city. Hire a moving company that knows your needs!

Moving to your new house with Auckland Wide Removals

We’re proud to say that we’ve acquired an unbeatable reputation for efficiency, quality and affordability!

Are you unsure on where to get started for your move? Start by filling out our Free In-Home Assessment form or simply call us.

We will then arrange a time for a team member to visit you at your home to assess your moving requirements for free.

We will ensure that you receive the most suitable truck for your move and the right number of professional Auckland moving experts to carry out your move.

Easy moving with expert house movers in Auckland

Moving to a new house in Auckland has never been so easy and exciting.

We provide a Free Onsite Quote for packing, moving and delivery.

We even have our very own Volume Estimator you can download in our moving house app!

Our Volume Estimator helps us provide an accurate quote when moving house in Auckland.

You can easily find out how much your next move will cost with our volume calculator. We love keeping it simple and convenient for our customers. Simply fill in the fields with the correct number of items in your property.

We will then contact you with an accurate quote.

If the form doesn’t suit you, we’d love to hear from you. Otherwise once the form is completed we will then arrange a time for a team member to come and evaluate your house move.

We’re all about providing you a cost effective, affordable and smooth move.

We love to see our customers happy.

On top of that we work with a smile!

Because we’re genuinely happy about taking the stress off your shoulders.

So Happy Movers! Book your next move with AWR and turn your full attention to the rest of your long to-do list.

Let Auckland Wide Removals’ professionals make your move stress free and easy!  For your next Auckland house move, hire our expert house movers to do the heavy lifting for you! Contact us today on 0800 943 366 to learn more about what we can do to make your house move stress-free!